Base Pokemon Emerald (Trashman Version Recommended)
Creator Struedelmuffin
Platform GBA. Emulator needed to play.


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Pokémon Blazing Emerald is a graphical and gameplay restlying of Pokémon Emerald designed around rebalancing and improving mechanics while still staying true to the original design and story. Many visual and quality of life improvements have been added to enhance the experience. You will start your journey with Clefairy, Eevee, or Pikachu, each of which provide a very unique gameplay experience thanks to their updated stats, abilities, and learnsets. The battles will be tough, but you've got a lot of tools at your disposal! Exciting and diverse new Pokemon are scattered throughout Hoenn to make every trainer's party feel truly unique! Discover hidden caves, mysterious groves, and more as you experience Pokémon Emerald in a fresh, new way!



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Locations NPCs Other Changes
Battle Cave Ability Switcher Changes (For a TLDR)
Hidden Super Trainers Egg Move Tutor Custom Moves
Legendaries IV Man Starter Pokemon
EV Cave Stat Scanner provider  New Items
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